Dear STA

First of all, thank you all for the overly generous gift. It will be put to good use.  And thank you for the wonderful gathering this past Wednesday.

I feel enormously lucky to have spent the past 31 years here at Saranac.  I have developed a very solid marriage to my lovely (some have called my long suffering) wife and helped to raise two great kids.

I have also had the good fortune in working with the best administrators, I believe, in education – Dr. Votraw, Mr. Kenneth Cringle, Mr. Jon Parks, Mr. Michael White and of course Mr. Stephen Grenville. I have had the incredible good fortune of working (past and present) with the greatest group of educators and staff assembled in one district; my wonderful colleagues Linda Oliver and Renee Pelkey. Oh, what they had to put up with.  And of course my work wife, Judy Nichols.  Who will I argue with??!!.  And, of course, the most efficient, under paid and over worked administrative assistant ever, my kid sister, Heather Strack. She is such an asset to our high school.

Of course, the students we have here at Saranac is the best collection of adolescents in the North Country.  These are the people that will continue to keep America the great nation it is.  I would also like to turn over the mantle of the oldest working person in the district to Mr. Tom Marnes.

I will miss all the shared laughs I have had through the years and of course all the lunches I have enjoyed.  In fact, I have to finish this because it is time for lunch.

So in the immortal words of the late great James Brown ” Bobby, whatever I do it gots to be funky”


Thanks to all

Jeff Ehrlich